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Steven F. Lewis

Advisor/ Collaborator

Forest Conservationist

Tamasopo, SLP, Mexico

Steven F. Lewis

Steven Lewis leads a life driven by the reality that the challenges we face today require us to bridge cultural, national and social divides. As his successful career with multinational corporations around the world progressed, he never lost the love for soil and plants instilled by his grandmother.

Having received a master’s degree in adult vocational education at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. he immediately set out to work as an instructor and eventually a school director in Colombia, South America. In the corporate world, Steven managed physical and human development projects in Asia, Latin America and North America.

Steven was invited to head trade and industry training at San Antonio College in Texas. After developing multiple skills development projects for industries in the region, his love for nature drove him to co-develop a successful proposal to establish the college’s Eco Centro facility. As Eco Centro’s director, he expanded the scope beyond the college community to engage in international programs.

Love for the soil and a determination get hands-on with environmental preservation brought him and his family to address urgent rural development needs in Mexico. Over the years, Steven and his wife acquired 1,500 acres of forest land in the municipality of Tamasopo with the goal of forestalling deforestation. He dedicates much of his time to demonstrating sustainable food production strategies that foster forest preservation.

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