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The Vetiver Network International

The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) is a global network of users, researchers and developers that promote and share information relating to the Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT). VGT has multipurpose applications (collectively known as the Vetiver System) relating to many different aspects of soil and water management. VGT is a “climate smart” technology applicable at any scale, is low cost, and has a relatively easy learning curve.

Vetiver is a non-invasive plant with adaption to a large range of climates and soils, and can amongst others: (1) reduce soil erosion and rainfall runoff, rehabilitate land and reduce flooding, (2) stabilize and protect soil related infrastructure such as roads, bridges, canal/river/levee banks, (3) decontaminate polluted land and water (mining, wastewater, industrial/urban effluent), (4) be used directly for forage, mulch, biomass, handicraft material, and aromatic oil, and (5) other environmental benefits including improving soil fertility, providing habitat to wildlife and insects, and sequestering atmospheric CO2.


William R. Sinkin Eco Centro


The William R. Sinkin Eco Centro serves as a demonstration center for organic gardening, composting, sustainable building, low impact development, water conservation, native landscaping, healthy living, developing community partnerships and more. The center provides meeting space for several local organizations and hosts community based and environmentally-related events. By partnering with our local community, other environmental organizations, private industry, governmental agencies, and sustainability experts, the William R. Sinkin Eco Centro furthers its goals of education and advocacy on a local level and beyond.

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Gardopia Gardens

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Gardopia Gardens is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency based in the Near East of San Antonio, founded in May 2015. 

Effective interventions are needed to address the growing epidemic of obesity related diseases and environmental issues. Over the next 5 years, Gardopia Gardens aims to reduce obesity and malnutrition by increasing accessibility to fresh produce and implementing strategic intervention programming in schools, businesses, and community organizations.

Gardopia Gardens provides programs and services to educational, commercial, and residential communities, providing tools, materials, and best practices to ensure their sustainability

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