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Huasteca Regenerative Research Center

Located in Ejido of El Chino, in the municipality of Tamasopo, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, the Huasteca Regenerative Research Center focuses primarily on land and watershed regeneration by providing a ¨brick and mortar¨ outdoor laboratory for experimentation, research, and demonstration.

Using a generous contribution given to us by a very kind and passionate friend of Terra Advocati, we were able to help secure the land through a partnership with a local family, and fully cover the first phase of construction of the center.

As the center grows and evolves it will:

-Provide a space for community members to experiment and conduct research, learn, and share experiences relating to regenerative practices and technologies.

-Provide a space for students, teachers, professionals, and the international community to introduce/ exchange practices and experiences.

-Provide on site dynamic demonstrations such as land management practices, erosion control, groundwater recharge, soil building techniques, compost, liquid organic fertilizer, horticultural practices, permaculture practices, waste stream cycling, rainwater harvesting, pollution mitigation, and more.

-Provide scholarships and internships to students.

-Provide an indoor and outdoor laboratory space for conducting research, collecting data, and making that data available in real time, globally, via digital platforms, shared databases, and virtual portals.

-Provide a large outdoor classroom space for workshops, classes, meetings, presentations, and fun community movie viewings.

-Provide opportunities for locals throughout the region to interact with each other, and the international community in a meaningful way that promotes environmental regeneration.

-Provide lodging space for ecotourists looking to contribute to the local cause in a meaningful, and impactful way. This lodging will also be available for student interns working on site, international scientists, artists, builders, engineers, and whomever else would like to participate in furthering our mission.

Initial heavy infrastructure slated for completion by December of 2022

Initiation of first demonstrations and experiments internally by October 2022.

Open to public by June of 2023.


Please keep in mind that the photo gallery is VERY LARGE, and may take a few minutes to load. We suggest clicking on the main photo in order to open the expanded view. This will help provide context to the photos, and you will be able to use the arrow (or swipe on mobile device) to the right to advance to the next photo. All photos are in chronological order from the start of the project to the most recent.

More to come...

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