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Huasteca Regenerative Ag. Center Advances

The Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Center is adding features that allow us to demonstrate environmentally friendly soil regeneration strategies. Rather than using gas powered equipment to keep grassy areas from becoming overgrown, we have invited neighboring farmers to let horses and oxen graze the land. We work with them to position an appropriate number of animals in areas free of crops. In addition to decreasing our labor and fuel costs, the animals naturally enrich the soil with their fresh manure. In order to reduce soil compaction and overgrazing, the animals are moved on a daily basis.

We have taken advantage of recent rains to plant cover crops that should help to keep weeds down, hold in soil moisture and ultimately enrich the soil. Squash grows very well in our region, so we planted it shortly after the rain let up.

Even though we have no immediate plan to sell squash, we should have enough for our own consumption and that of nearby residents. In addition to cover crops, we have introduced “chop and drop” plants including sunhemp and pigeon peas. We will drop them in cultivated areas to take advantage of their nitrogen fixing characteristics.

Thanks to the generous contributions and on-site support of Terra Advocati, we are able to steadily advance our regenerative agriculture strategies. Many farmers in the region lack the knowledge and resources needed to launch regenerative agriculture strategies on their own.

The value of our center is that we implement new strategies for demonstration purposes and show that it is possible to protect the environment, provide for the people, and increase yields/ profits. The triple bottom line.

We invite you to visit sometime and join our movement to help empower small holder farmers in La Huasteca Potosina!

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