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Terra Advocati Land

Earth, as air and water, are necessary to sustain life. We have an obligation to be conscientious caretakers of these essential resources. Keeping them free from exploitation by those who would seek to profit by their destruction, is the goal of Terra Advocati. The land in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico was acquired with the intention of preserving a small yet wonderfully beautiful part of the planet. We see ourselves as stewards of a patch of ground that sustains a myriad of plants and animals and it is our intention to preserve this section of earth in perpetuity.

The 30 plus acres of woods adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest is at 8,000 ft near its center point continuing to climb a north slope through fir, spruce, aspen and pine and home to deer, wolf, elk and cougar. We are conscious of our eco-footprint and see as our guiding principle, an absolutely minimal environmental impact. Undisturbed wilderness area was the initial impetus for acquiring this land and although our presence is obvious, we are constantly looking for ways to lessen the human effect and to exist in harmony with the natural world.

There are ethical and moral implications for protecting natural resources. As advocates of the principles of permaculture, bio-diversity and deep ecology, we see ourselves as the vanguard of eco-activism. Terra Advocati will play an ever increasingly important role in making sure that not only is wilderness protected from exploitation but that quality of life for all living things is the guiding principle for our future. The planet’s eco-systems are in danger of being severely handicapped or completely destroyed. The property in the Sangre de Cristo mountains is the inspirational model of low impact co-existence with nature and respect for the creatures living there.

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