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Welcome Home

Who We are

We are dreamers who envision a world where the environment is honored and respected and where we can live with true dignity and autonomy.


Those of us who have chosen to become an active part of Terra Advocati, have, through a good bit of our lives, been dismayed at the imperfections of the status quo - the inequities, the injustices, the exploitation and the forfeiture of our humanness for temporal materialism. 


We see immense possibilities for good to prevail and we long for a world where equality and justice are the rule, where we all can see ourselves as conscientious caretakers of each other and of the land that feeds and sustains us. 

What We Create

Working with our partners and collaborators, we help create spaces where we teach and learn in innovative and interdisciplinary ways, where we share ideas and speak our minds freely.


We design artistic and cultural spaces that push the boundaries of traditional modes of working and organizing. 


We promote opportunities and avenues to conserve land and restore ecosystems. We support accumulative, regenerative systems for watershed restoration, groundwater recharge, and erosion/ pollution mitigation


We advance innovation and adaptation through experimentation and we offer practical, regenerative resources for global availability, and access to research-based projects.

What we Believe

Terra Advocati believes that we are all a force for positive change and that it is not beyond anyone’s power to play a major role in helping to turn the world around. We seek to be a resource for others to exercise their own creative forces in the fight to heal an ailing planet.


We believe that radical change is not a destination. It is a daily practice. 


We are Terra Advocati and we welcome your involvement.

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