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Regenerative Systems


Terra Advocati believes that when a society focuses on regenerating nature's bounty, it flourishes in harmony, bestowing lasting abundance to future generations.

Our Regenerative Systems Projects provide hands-on support, cultivate cross-disciplinary collaborations, and forges purposeful, enduring partnerships throughout Texas and Mexico.

Fugitive Libraries

Fugitive Libraries is a project at the intersection of art and activism conceived and facilitated by Marissa Ramirez. It is an evolution of Books in the Barrio, a grassroots effort originally started by a group of high school students in San Antonio, Texas demanding a bookstore in their working-class neighborhood. Instead of focusing on a retail space or a brick and mortar, Fugitive Libraries is an experiment, inviting community to think more expansively about literacy by creating spaces for us to read the world together—critically, culturally and politically. 

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