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A Word from Our Founder

These are times that try our souls. In fact, this can be said of every time in our history, for every age has its challenges and humanity faces “crossroads” at every turn.


The dawn of the twenty-first century, nonetheless, has presented us with a unique set of circumstances that are particularly daunting when considering the dire consequences of continuing to act in the ways that have brought us to this precipice. So, how then should we respond? To do nothing to address the problem is planetary suicide. Our only hope is in the exercise of actions designed to relieve the stress and to begin moving toward healing an ailing planet.


Terra Advocati was born of this determination. We are a dynamic force that seeks to combine with other committed people and organizations, to implement positive effects in the world.

Terra Advocati, Founder and Director, Tim Duda, has been a life-long proponent of protections for the environment and threatened species. The same passion he displayed in the classroom for twenty-five years, he brings to the struggle for the protection of natural habitats.


With the establishment of Terra Advocati, Tim has been able to combine his interest in the maintenance and support of eco-systems and education as a tool to enlighten and inform. Terra Advocati, therefore, provides a starting point to becoming an environmental activist by providing opportunities for putting knowledge and passion into effective eco-friendly projects.


As an educator, Tim has worked in various capacities all with the intention of providing students with the tools necessary to being fully functional citizens in an increasingly complex world. His passion for social change and intense idealism has brought him several awards and recognitions and has given his students a significant role model by which to pattern their own life-style choices. He continues to be a mentor to former students and a spokesperson for educational reform. As a social and environmental activist for over forty-five years, Tim has been an outspoken proponent of human rights, social justice, environmental quality and species protection. 

Our base of operations is in San Antonio, Texas where Tim has lived and worked for nearly forty years. He is a twenty five year veteran of the public school classroom teaching advanced and Gifted and Talented courses to young adults motivated by higher levels of learning. Tim is also the owner and proprietor of the Cottage-in-the-Forest in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico to be used as a fund-raising source for numerous Terra Advocati projects.

Tim Duda has degrees and certifications from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Stephen F Austin University in east Texas and Michigan State University.

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