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Agroforestry on Keyline in Southern Mexico with Antonio Carillo Bolea

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Antonio Carillo Bolea in the Los Tuxtlas region of Southern Veracruz.


We had spoken a couple of times prior to our trip about Vetiver, hydrologic keyline design, agroecology, permaculture, and many other more philosophical topics. It was clear to me that Antonio was doing amazing work in the Tuxtlas region.


He invited us down to see his projects, explore around them, and meet some like-minded restorationists doing similar projects in the Matacapan Valley and in Northern Oaxaca.


Check out the video to see Antonio’s tour of Rancho San Ricardo’s Agroecological Design in Northern Oaxaca.



We knew the trip was going to be worthwhile, but what really blew us away was the depth of knowledge that Antonio has and the passion with which he approaches his work. He is an incredible wealth of knowledge and a funny guy as well, so it was a real pleasure to explore around with him.


He has spent over 2 decades working with some of the most respected restorationists, agroecologists, and permaculturists on some truly heartwarming and impactful projects all over Central, Eastern, and Southern Mexico.


I will link to a more extensive article in the coming week or so, as well as a couple of interesting interviews in Spanish. Be on the lookout for those.


A very heartfelt thanks to Antonio for taking the time to show us around and share his passion.


We look forward to working with him and Estampa Verde on collaborative efforts in the future.

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