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Granja Nut & Rancho San Ricardo: Permaculture Center in Oaxaca, Mexico

A big thanks to Elfego Flores and Antonio Carillo Bolea for showing us the beautiful work that is being done in Oaxaca at Rancho San Ricardo and Granja Nut.

We got a chance to explore Granja Nut the evening before exploring San Ricardo, and what we saw was truly impressive. Granja Nut is part of the Las Margaritas property, which is owned by a family that refines sugar cane for the region.

When one thinks of the sugar cane industry, and especially refining, sustainability and regeneration are usually the last things that would be topics of discussion, if at all. But not in this case, In their efforts to create a more sustainable and replicable model for production, they have managed to also create some interesting avenues for locals to learn about, and implement regenerative practices into their production models.

In this video Elfego explains what these two ranches provide to the community, and the goals within their productive models.

Rancho San Ricardo y Granja Nut:

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