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Notes from the Cottage

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

We are anticipating a good snow accumulation for the mountains of northern New Mexico this Winter. The Cottage-in-the-Forest has an underground reserve tank that holds 1725 gals of water that has been pumped from the well. Nonetheless, we always welcome significant snow fall to help replenish water that the well draws from, 250 ft below the ground surface.

Our upcoming visit to the Cottage-in-the-Forest in April or May and subsequent visits throughout Summer and Fall will see us working on some land excavation to shore up a bluff that has been eroding over the last couple of years. We will also be filling a low area to the backside of the cabin that holds water and is partly responsible for moisture in the crawlspace. Water will be channeled down the canyon that is adjacent to the west side of the cabin.

We will begin construction of a wrap-around deck at the back of the house and immediately accessible from the downstairs bedroom. The deck will face south on the backside and out over the canyon on the west. Depending on a number of factors, we should be able to finish construction in a week or two. Odds and ends of small projects will also be addressed throughout the Summer months.

The property has been designated a protected wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. We have certification and a sign that we'll be posting near the trailhead that leads to the cabin. Our plan is to continue the planting of native trees - Blue Spruce and Quaking Aspen. Each tree species is stunning in its own right. Together they make a truly impactful display of color and texture throughout the seasons.

It is our desire and hope that the Cottage-in-the-Forest will become a place for all associated with Terra Advocati to come for respite, meditation and a communing with nature. Its availability is fluid. We can usually arrange for two or three people to stay over a period of several days if given sufficient notification ahead of time. We are happy to pause on a work project to accommodate.

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