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Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Experimentation Center Update

Today we are happy to share the progress that has been made.

[See our project page for more details on the center's purpose and design: ]

Since September, our builder Rito and his crew of 5 men have been hard at work constructing the “heavy” parts of our future center. These guys have been amazing, and we are grateful for everything they’ve done to help us bring this dream to fruition.

This will be a video update, so make sure to click the video thumbnail below. Apologies in advance for all of the noise in the background, but construction is not pretty, or quiet!

Summary of the video:

The first area we are looking at is the area behind our 2 cabins. Each one of our cabins has 2 rooms, and each room will have a capacity for 2-3 people, so we will easily be able to host 8-10 guest contributors, students, researchers, or whomever is participating at the time.

The open area behind the cabins will be our nursery. This is where will will propagate various plants to be used in our demonstrations. These plants and trees will also be used locally and regionally for reforestation projects, watershed management, erosion control, riparian restoration, groundwater replenishment, pollution control, and much more.

In front of the cabins we will have lush edible landscapes.

The large building that we step up into in the video will be our main center.

The first room we enter will be our office/ temporary lab. This will be where administrative tasks are handled, and where contributors can work on tasks. It will also double as a simple science lab until we can add an independent lab at a later date. The lab is where we will conduct research, analyze data, take photos, create documentation, create strategies, and work on content.

The large, covered, open area in front will be our multifunctional space. It will serve as a meeting location, outdoor classroom, outdoor experimentation area, workshop to build things, etc.

Looking out from the covered multifunctional space is the land that we are currently leasing and hope to acquire at some point. This land will be used for all agricultural demonstrations and land based projects that the center and contributors are involved in at this site. We will also support many other regional projects, but this will be the "home base".

The last room we enter is our utility room and storage space for equipment. This is where we will store our compost tea brewers, aircrete machine, seed harvesters, and any other project tools we are working with.

Look for more photo and video updates in the coming weeks and months.

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