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Casa Beteta

Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Nestled on cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in the heart of Old Acapulco, Casa Beteta is nautical experience from the days of old. This is the Acapulco that fascinated the world in the 40´s and 50´s, and it's easy to see why when you are here. Enjoy the tranquility of the tropical paradise as you jump straight from the private dock into a wonderful world of ocean treasures, reef snorkeling, and amazingly buoyant ocean swimming.

See eels, corals of all types, manta rays, hundreds of types of fish and many other sea creatures. There is so much life in the water here! Truly a life changing experience.

The house is spectacular with a private pool, 5 bedrooms, an amazing porch, and full service kitchen. All to yourself, or enjoy with family. Reconnect. It is summer year round here.
You can take a water taxi to the island, and natural preserve, Roqueta, located 10 minutes from the house. Here you will find the best hidden beaches in Acapulco, amazing snorkeling, and if you are lucky, even see some whales breaching.









Unique Experiences 

    Private residence, private ocean access, snorkeling, private pool, very unique location

Special Property Notes

All properties are independently owned and operated. We cannot thank these kind people enough for opening their doors and allowing Terra Advocati to help promote these unique experiences. With that said, Terra Advocati is not responsible for any communications between potential guests and the host/ property owner. We are simply listing the property as would a classified ad. Terra Advocati is not responsible for ANYTHING associated with the booking, property, communication, payment, payment type, invoicing, scheduling, amenities, experiences, expectations, accessibility, injury, loss of property, damaged property, stolen property, natural disaster, weather issues, location, season, booking, scheduling, tax requirements (of federal, state, or local nature), or any other communications or site based issues. 

We appreciate your understanding, and hope that you have a wonderful experience.


By contacting the host to inquire more, you are acknowledging that you AGREE TO and FULLY UNDERSTAND the terms above. If you do not fully understand the afore mentioned terms, or do not agree, please do not contact the host. 

Casa Beteta

Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico


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