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La Puerta Astral

Real de Catorce, SLP, Mexico

Come enjoy life as it existed centuries ago and disconnect from the demands of the modern world in an earthen home that is over 250 years old!

La Puerta Astral is located in the tiny oasis community of Los Catorce, which is directly West of the world famous town of Real de Catorce.

It is located in the heart of the great Altiplano Desert and is directly across the canyon from the Cerro Quemado, the sacred pilgrimage site for Huichol Natives who, as a right of passage for young Huicholes, travel hundreds of kilometers annually to pay homage and to astroproject.

While visiting, take a donkey or Willy’s Jeep Taxi to the historic city center of Real de Catorce where you will find artists, international cuisine, shamanic culture, museums, mines, horseback riding, and much more.

Witness the universe come alive as the sun slowly burns into the mountains across the vast expanse below. Breathe in the magnificent night sky of Los Catorce, which many international visitors have described as the most incredible thing they have ever seen. And know that the photos below do it no justice. You must experience it for yourself!

The house itself is small and cozy. It is intended for 2 people or less, although an extra camper or two is possible as the exception and not the rule.

There is NO ELECTRICITY! Fresh water enters the storage “pila” from an aqueduct that runs through the town, originating at the pristine spring of “casa de la agua” at the uppermost point of the town. This free flowing spring is what creates the oasis that is Los Catorce.

Chindo, the caretaker, will make sure that you feel right at home by providing access to the house and to a parking space at his place (if needed), and by offering any necessary directions.

He is a very friendly, simple, and knowledgeable person who can take you for a tour and provide some wholesome, home cooked meals. Be sure to help out by pitching in a bit of money to pay for the food.

Please talk to the host Jim, for details, as this is a VERY unusual and UNFORGETTABLE experience. Unfortunately, however, it is not suitable for those who have physical ailments or who might be sensitive to the 8,000 foot altitude.

Nights get chilly in the high desert, so pack accordingly.









Unique Experiences 

    Spectacular skies
    Clean, cool air
    Historic town of Wadley
    Sacred Cerro Quemado
    Peace and tranquility
    Primitive living makes you appreciate life more!

Special Property Notes

All properties are independently owned and operated. We cannot thank these kind people enough for opening their doors and allowing Terra Advocati to help promote these unique experiences. With that said, Terra Advocati is not responsible for any communications between potential guests and the host/ property owner. We are simply listing the property as would a classified ad. Terra Advocati is not responsible for ANYTHING associated with the booking, property, communication, payment, payment type, invoicing, scheduling, amenities, experiences, expectations, accessibility, injury, loss of property, damaged property, stolen property, natural disaster, weather issues, location, season, booking, scheduling, tax requirements (of federal, state, or local nature), or any other communications or site based issues. 

We appreciate your understanding, and hope that you have a wonderful experience.


By contacting the host to inquire more, you are acknowledging that you AGREE TO and FULLY UNDERSTAND the terms above. If you do not fully understand the afore mentioned terms, or do not agree, please do not contact the host. 

La Puerta Astral

Real de Catorce, SLP, Mexico


Jim Kelly +52 (488) 881 4099

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