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Jess Mayes

Executive Director/ Regenerative Systems

Jess Mayes

Jess is a passionate environmental advocate who believes that practical education should support life and the environment, while also transcending socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic boundaries.

He advises, designs, and implements regenerative systems by working with various clients, communities, private entities, and NPO’s throughout Texas, Mexico, and Central America.

In 2014 he received an award from President Obama for his work in environmental stewardship within the community.

He was brought in as the Conservation Research & Outreach Coordinator to build the Community Conservation Education Program from scratch for Alamo Colleges’ William R. Sinkin Eco Centro from 2016-2021. In this role, he worked with dozens of community members, leaders, organizers, and educators, to create and refine a practical community education program.

He currently works with a diverse team of amazing people from all over the world to help create regenerative opportunities, whenever, and wherever possible.

His skill set includes: Permaculture systems, food production, project conceptualization and design, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, community organization, digital platforms, hydraulic engineering, Distributed Ledger Technology, soil regeneration, composting techniques/ biological processes, erosion control, and groundwater recharge.

Quote from Jess: “I would be nowhere without the love and support of my wonderful family, amazing friends, and a whole lot of good energy from all directions. Life is too short to waste. We must support life, and create abundance!”

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