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Co-founded in 2021 by Terra Advocati with a generous donation from a loving supporter, The Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Center focuses primarily on land and watershed regeneration by deploying site-based demonstrations of nature-based solutions, Vetiver Systems, climate-smart agricultural techniques, and other appropriate technologies.

As the center continues to grow and evolve, it will serve the following purposes:


- Offering a space for community members to experiment, conduct research, learn, and share experiences related to regenerative practices and technologies.


- Providing a venue for students, teachers, professionals, and the international community to introduce and exchange practices and experiences.


- Hosting on-site dynamic demonstrations, including land management practices, erosion control, groundwater recharge, soil-building techniques, composting, liquid organic fertilizer production, horticultural practices, permaculture techniques, waste stream cycling, rainwater harvesting, pollution mitigation, and more.


- Awarding scholarships and internships to students.


- Furnishing indoor and outdoor laboratory spaces for conducting research, gathering data, and making that data globally accessible in real time through digital platforms, shared databases, and virtual portals.


- Supplying a spacious outdoor classroom area for workshops, classes, meetings, presentations, and enjoyable community movie viewings.


- Creating opportunities for locals in the region to meaningfully engage with each other and the international community, fostering environmental regeneration.


- Providing accommodation for ecotourists who wish to contribute significantly and impactfully to the local cause. This lodging will also be open to student interns working on-site, international scientists, artists, builders, engineers, and anyone else interested in furthering its mission.

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