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Update from Sedepac Huasteca

Last week, we were touched by a heartwarming update from our friends at Sedepac Huasteca.

While we faced funding constraints this year, preventing us from offering financial support for the remarkable and essential work undertaken by Sedepac, we eagerly anticipate our ability to contribute in 2024.

Terra Advocati is dedicated to fostering watershed regeneration, community autonomy, sustainable food production, and empowering indigenous communities. Sedepac tirelessly and selflessly dedicates its efforts to ensuring a brighter future for thousands of families in the Huasteca region.

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If you are interested in supporting them directly, you can do so here.

Dear Friends of Sedepac Huasteca,

Over the last 4 months promoters of Sedepac Huasteca and the Tonantlal Agroecological School of the Coffee Cooperative provided a one-month training on rainwater harvesting systems in Alpuyeca, Morelos with the community's Primary School and nonprofit Encuentros y Diálogos. We taught and exchange knowledge between regions, in techniques for building ferrocement tanks and kualtlixiktli model efficient wood cookstoves to strengthen organization, self-determination, equity and care for nature.

We implemented community diagnostics with the community representatives and leaders, and water, health and education committees of the 6 villages of the Ejido José Coronel Castillo, Xilitla, using participatory popular education methods.

Work groups were organized in: Agricultural Production; Identity and Culture; Mapping of Ecosystems, Social Institutions and Natural Resources; Security and Justice; the Environment; and Planning the Community Agenda. Strengths, challenges, needs were evaluated and together elaborated plans for the sustainable management of the forest and its ecosystems, and water resources, and the socio-labor conditions, culture and identity of the inhabitants.

We implemented 5 training workshops with young Nahuatl and Tenek promoters, on topics of added value to their agricultural products and use of social networks for sales of the circular economy, to ensure decent employment and labor rights of youth in their communities, to generate alternatives for a better quality of life for families in the region.

We supported socio-cultural events in dance, rituals, ceremonies and anniversaries of the ejidos in the Nahuatl and Tenek communities of the Huasteca.

We helped organize a unity march with other indigenous peoples in Mexico City to pressure for approval of a new law that recognizes the right of indigenous peoples and communities as subjects of the constitutional right to self-determination.

We organized 3 forums with regional alliances in the districts of Tanlajas, Xilitla and Tancanhuitz, and with the national network Agua para Todos, to support the defense of human rights and the territory, and protection of the watersheds of the Central-South Huasteca.

Thanks for all your support! Take Care, Sedepac Team

Text from Sedepac update: Read full post and see all photos here.

If you are interested in supporting them directly, you can do so here.

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