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Sedepac Huasteca: Ecological Mission with Heart & Culture

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This summer we followed up with the folks at Sedepac Huasteca to see how their projects are progressing. It was inspiring to see the types of projects that they are working on this year.

They are almost finished with an 80+ page cookbook that seeks to preserve local culture and regional indigenous cuisine. This book will include recipes for many endemic species of edible plants that are only found in this region and have been used in native dishes since pre-colonial times.

They are continuing with the work of providing seeds for organic food production, water catchment equipment, training for communities, and instructions for ecologically friendly, appropriate technologies. This is a short list of the many things they do.

Learn more about their projects and mission here:

Territorial defense and community autonomy are two areas that seem to be a constant focus of Sedepac, and in the near future, we'd like to have some deeper discussions about how some of that work is progressing.

We are looking forward to future collaborations with this amazing, creative, and dedicated group!

They were grateful for the support that Terra Advocati provided to them, and Terra Advocati is eternally grateful to our heartfelt donors for making it possible to help support organizations like Sedepac and the indispensable work that they do.

Together we can create a brighter future for all!

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