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Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Experimentation Center Update

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Today we are happy to share the progress that has been made on the bulk of infrastructure for the Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Experimentation Center in El Chino, Tamasopo, San Luis Potosi.

We first broke ground on this project less than 10 months ago, and we have been able to keep the construction momentum going since the day we started. A big thanks to Steven and Maria Lewis for keeping things on track.

For this update, I will stick with just infrastructure lists so that the reader can get an idea of what is actually completed and still pending.

We are, of course, planning all types of horticultural layers, demonstrations, appropriate technologies, and educational material. But we will do separate updates for that. Stay tuned.

We have completed heavy construction of:

  1. The main center structure that includes the outdoor classroom and multiuse space

  2. The office and storage room

  3. Staircase to upper roof terrace above main center structure

  4. All 4 individual cabins (2 separate structures)

  5. Retaining wall for (2) 10,000 liter water cisterns

  6. North utility ramp for large equipment and utility access

We have completed finish-off details of:

  1. Installation of all wiring, disconnects, breaker boxes, overhead conduit between structures, all outlets, basic overhead lighting.

  2. Installation of CFE Electric service pole and register.

  3. Fabrication and installation of all aluminum windows and doors

  4. Fabrication and installation of roll up metal curtain door to storage room

  5. Fabrication and installation of all metal protection bars over windows and sliding ones for cabins

  6. Fabrication and installation of custom upper ventilation windows

  7. Painting of inside walls of all cabins

We are still pending (infrastructure only):

  1. Completion of access ramps for each cabin

  2. Completion of minor electrical in cabins

  3. Completion of south side double access main ramp for the front entrance

  4. Revision of plaster in main structure

  5. Installation of water Cisterns

  6. Installation of river supply polyline

  7. Installation of water sediment filtration and pumping system

  8. Installation of pressurized main line for water supply to all structures, green house area, future restrooms and showers, field irrigation

  9. Design and installation of outdoor kitchen

  10. Design and construction of permanent ecological showers and restrooms

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