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Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Experimentation Center Update

Today we are happy to update everyone with great news from Mexico!

Construction of the Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Experimentation Center in El Chino, Tamasopo, SLP is moving along quickly!

Heavy construction of the main structure that will house our outdoor classroom, workshop, kitchen, office, and storage is complete! We are of course still in need of windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, paint, and a whole host of other odds and ends, but as we say here in Mexico, “poco a poco” or little by little.

Heavy construction on our guest cabins is still in progress. These cabins will be utilized as lodging for collaborators, students, scientists, instructors, guests, and anyone else who is helping bring value and progress to our projects/ goals in the region.

The cabins can also be used for ecotourists who are looking to have a meaningful experience, and contribute some skill or knowledge to the project/ center/ community. We also hope that they can generate enough revenue to keep the overhead expenses paid, without exploiting the region’s natural beauty like the majority of tourist sites/ lodging. We are very conscious of our role in, and impact on the community and environment.

All of this work would not have been possible had it not been for our founding donors and good friends of Terra Advocati, The Lewis/ Vega family, The Mayes Family, and of course our amazing builder, Rito.

We are so fortunate to have such a passionate team working on this project, and we look forward to making an impact on the lives of so many in need through our experimentation, demonstration, education, community work, and future scholarships.

We are always looking for contributors and donors, as every hand on deck and dollar helps us move closer to our goals. This next phase will be an expensive one, so if you have the means, and wish to support a good cause, please consider making a contribution. We make every dollar go as far as it possibly can for the greater good.

Happy Holidays from Terra Advocati. :)

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