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Regenerative Agriculture in Mexico with Richard Perkins

Updated: Jan 2

Last month, I embarked on a thrilling journey to Huatusco, Veracruz, delving into the world of regenerative agriculture alongside Richard Perkins, the visionary mind behind Ridgedale Farm in Sweden. Renowned for his groundbreaking approach spanning farm design, holistic planning, Regenerative Agriculture, Keyline Design, Agroforestry, and no-dig market gardening, Richard is a maestro in the field, and an all around cool dude.

Richard Perkins, Jess Mayes, Antonio Carillo Bolea

Thanks to the efforts of Antonio Carillo Bolea from Estampa Verde and Ricardo Romero from Las Cañadas Bosque de Niebla, and Gerardo Ruiz from Agroasis, I found myself in the cloud forest of the Sierra Madre, amidst 35 diverse individuals from across the globe.

What started as a straightforward design course quickly evolved into an introspective voyage, shaping our holistic perspectives and fueling conversations about driving change. 

Richard artfully melds his experiences, triumphs, fumbles, and scientific methods with hard facts, a dash of realism, and a sprinkle of witty sarcasm. His teachings never cease to entertain or enlighten.

Richard teaching about Keyline Design on large landscapes

My focus was on delving into Keyline Design, topographic mapping, watershed management, and understanding Richard's immensely profitable approach to farming and ranching. The allure of the "triple bottom line" intrigued me: how do we ensure a positive impact on People, Planet, and Profit as a society?

Richard teaching about Keyline Design on large landscapes

Our time with Richard was a whirlwind—intense, information-packed, and utterly invaluable! The insights gained will enrich the projects, communities, and initiatives our organization supports, further stocking our toolbox for regenerating the future and cultivating community.

Richard and Antonio discussing bio-fertilizer fabrication

Amidst our packed days of learning (interlaced with quintessential British tea breaks), evenings became forums for sharing and learning about everyone's unique projects.

Discussing Silvopasture and Agroforestry Systems

Ricardo showing how their latest coffee plantation was designed, planted, and discussing future plans

Ricardo discussing the dairy operation at Las Canadas

Witnessing the plethora of inspiring initiatives was nothing short of invigorating, and heartwarming. 

Stay tuned as I look to share the stories of these incredible individuals, their projects, and, hopefully, interviews in the coming months. 

JJ sharing his nature-based approach and curriculum at the school in Las Cañadas

Grafting demonstration

The experience of sharing such a remarkable space and exploration with this group was an absolute honor.

Until next time—create abundance!

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