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Land Regeneration with Bryan Hummel in Huasteca Mexico

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Last month Bryan Hummel came down to the Huasteca Regenerative Research Center to help us get the land prepped on contour.

With his trusty laser level in one hand and an azadone (hoe) in the other, Bryan helped us flag out all of the contour lines on the land. He worked with locals to plow the field with oxen and coordinate the finishing hand work.

This land preparation sets us up to start our vetiver plantings, and start our polycrop food forest.

We are extremely thankful to Bryan for sharing his expertise with us and helping start this multigenerational project off on the right foot.

This system will allow us to demonstrate that when you slow, spread, sink, and soak water into the land, you are not just helping to reduce erosion, restore spring flow, protect rivers, and increase plant growth, but you are also turning flooding liabilities into groundwater assets!

We look forward to Bryan´s next visit, and also hosting others in the near future.

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