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Worm Composting Operation Begins at The Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Center

Updated: Mar 26

This month, we're thrilled to launch our innovative worm composting project at the center. Over the last six + weeks, our team has meticulously crafted a palm thatch roof and subterranean worm beds, creating an optimal environment for our earthworm allies.

This design ensures they remain active and efficient, transforming organic waste into premium compost even under the scorching summer sun.

Our worm composting initiative is set to revolutionize our approach to waste management and soil enhancement. It serves as a cornerstone for producing bio-fertilizers, significantly boosting the health of our soil and plants through natural means. The high-grade, biologically active compost we're generating is key to our regenerative agricultural practices, promising a greener, more fertile future.

This work is being conducted as an international collaborative research project under the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service Scientific Cooperation Grant that was awarded to TX State University and Terra Advocati for research being conducted at the Huasteca Regenerative Agriculture Center in 2022-2024

The worm project owes its success to a dedicated team: Jess, the visionary behind the system's design; Steven and Luis, our relentless team on the ground; Adrian, our enthusiastic intern; and Guido, a like-minded friend met during an enlightening course on regenerative agriculture.

As we embark on this worm journey, we celebrate the power of community, innovation, and the humble earthworm in leading the charge towards a more sustainable world. Here's to a future where we turn waste into wealth, fostering a healthier planet for generations to come.

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