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Mora New Mexico, USA

The "Cottage-in-the-Forest" sits on over 30 acres of spectacular woodlands in the southern terminus of the Rocky Mountains in Northern New Mexico, USA.

Located in Mora, NE of Santa Fe and SE of Taos. Las Vegas, NM is a 35 min drive and the town of Mora is 20 min away.

The 1,000 sq ft cabin features a wood burning fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, loft, Jacuzzi tub, baseboard heating and ceiling fans with ample, insulated casement windows all around.

Much of the furnishings were hand-made in Santa Fe and reflect quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. There is a queen size bed on the main floor with two futons in the loft.

The surrounding area is home to several species of wild animals including deer, elk, bear, wolf and puma. High country trees are pine, fir, aspen and spruce leading from the lowest point on the property to the highest which borders the Santa Fe National Forest. Trails and paths will take you to the top of the property and beyond. Most are not clearly marked and require knowledge of compass use and primitive hiking skills.

We recommend that upon arrival at the property, you leave your vehicle right off the county gravel road and hike up about a 1/4 ml to the cabin. Keep in mind the altitude (approx. 7,500 ft to 8,000 ft) when making the trek.









Unique Experiences 

    Vast open stunning mountain views
    Peaceful tranquility creates the perfect ambiance for reflection and creativity
    Fresh, clean air
    Interesting geological formations throughout the region
    Local intentional permaculture based communities
    Nearby Taos is an experience in and of itself
    Native American culture is alive a beautiful in this region
    Pristine meadows, forest, waters, and valleys to the north, and west
    Stunning skies and summer rains
    High altitude makes for a great way to escape the summer heat

Special Property Notes

Only accessible in the summer month due to snow and altitude
Rural, so the nearest grocery store is 20 minutes away and has differing hours
Bears are present in the area, so caution is advised. Food left outside attracts them
Night time temps can drop into the 50s, so pack accordingly

All properties are independently owned and operated. We cannot thank these kind people enough for opening their doors and allowing Terra Advocati to help promote these unique experiences. With that said, Terra Advocati is not responsible for any communications between potential guests and the host/ property owner. We are simply listing the property as would a classified ad. Terra Advocati is not responsible for ANYTHING associated with the booking, property, communication, payment, payment type, invoicing, scheduling, amenities, experiences, expectations, accessibility, injury, loss of property, damaged property, stolen property, natural disaster, weather issues, location, season, booking, scheduling, tax requirements (of federal, state, or local nature), or any other communications or site based issues. 

We appreciate your understanding, and hope that you have a wonderful experience.


By contacting the host to inquire more, you are acknowledging that you AGREE TO and FULLY UNDERSTAND the terms above. If you do not fully understand the afore mentioned terms, or do not agree, please do not contact the host. 


Mora New Mexico, USA


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