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Cosmic Transition

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

There is something ancient, sacred about these mountains. It’s almost palpable. You can feel it

in the water, in the earth, in the wind. It’s visible in the sky and in the eyes of the people that call

these mountains home. It’s intoxicating and as we stand paralyzed by wonder, the wind rolling

down from the mountains, washing over us, we feel the slow shift. This is why we came. We

were looking for a way to decipher the heavy emotions we were carrying. We wanted a way to

understand why the world functions the way it does.

We wanted to understand why we love the

way we do, fear the way we do, and even hate the way we do, but that was all too complicated,

too rigid, too analytical for the mountains. So what we found instead of complex, logical answers

was simplicity. We found a shift in perspective so small, so simple that even now we can feel it

seeping into and altering the deepest crevices of our being. And while we recognize that all of

this might sound a bit esoteric, a bit too abstract for the very real problems we face on a daily

basis, it’s true, every bit of it. In the mountains of New Mexico we found an answer to a question

we didn’t even know we were posing. We found simplicity. We found joy, the kind of joy that

comes with being alive, with loving and being loved, with feeling wonder in the face of

indescribable beauty. In New Mexico, we found ourselves.

And because it’s difficult to fully capture in words what this trip has meant to us, here instead

some thanks to all of those people we encountered during this beautiful journey.

To the Hummingbird community, thank you for receiving us, literally and figuratively, with

open arms. Thank you for your honesty and generosity. Your way of walking in this world

is truly inspirational and we take from you the reminder to always be fully present.

To the many people of Taos, Mora, and Las Vegas that we met along the way, thank you

for sharing your stories, your eccentricities, for your kindness. We take from you the

reminder that when we embrace ourselves in all of our eccentric beauty, we can walk

this world authentically.

To Taos, thank you for the art, the creativity, the poetry. You’re an amazing example of

what a city with a true beating heart looks and feels like. We take from you the creative

inspiration, the reminder that we are all here to create, not destroy.

To the Taos Pueblo, thank you for sharing with us the sacred energy of Blue Lake. Thank

you for your stories. Thank you for your existence and continued resistance. We take

from you the certainty that we are all connected, the certainty that running through all life

is a cosmic energy that is unbreakable, that binds us, that must be protected and


To the mountains, thank you for your embrace, your protection, your energy, your

healing power. Your majestic beauty is indescribable. We take with us the certainty that

you will always be there, waiting to embrace us again.

To Jess, thank you for accompanying me on this beautiful journey. It couldn’t have been

more perfect. Thank you for the laughter, the warmth, the passionate way in which you

walk this world. I take from you the reminder that beautiful things always happen when

we let the universe do its work.

Finally, to this magnificent universe we inhabit, we will honor your many gifts by holding

all of these lessons in our hearts, by living every day conscious of our connection to all

that you are, by always walking with gratitude, with love, with humility.

So that at the end of this journey, only three questions remain:

1. What are you connected to?

2. What does it do for you?

3. What does it do for others?

Here today’s answers: We are connected to you. It fills our hearts knowing that you exist. It

humbles us. And as we engage with the world, we attempt to do so with love and humility. Our

hope is that it allows us to listen and to truly hear what your needs are so that we may recognize

them and try to address them. We are at your service.

We invite you to consider these questions, not just as you are surrounded by the breathtaking

beauty of New Mexico, but in your daily lives. Join us as we try to incorporate this introspection

into our daily practice.

With a tremendous amount of gratitude and love,

aprendices de la transición cosmica

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