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Finca Oasis Rainwater Harvesting System Installed

Today we finalized the Rainwater Harvesting system at Finca Oasis. This system is going to be the primary water supply for all domestic and horticultural needs at the cabin in the forest.

Last year, infrastructural upgrades were made to the existing rustic cabin including a new cement floor, front porch, shower area, and interior wooden walls that will afford guests more privacy when staying overnight.

Building off of these improvements, Jess and Carl Mayes built custom gutter mounts, and installed (2) 5,000 liter cisterns using a dry conveyance method. The rear tank captures ⅔ of the roof’s capacity, and the other captures the remaining ⅓. Each tank is also fitted with a simple “Leaf Eater 2” rainhead to filter out any detritus and micro detritus that tries to enter the inlet.

We will now be able to keep the Sembrando Vida plot watered using captured rainwater, and hope to have a small, primitive propagation area in the near future for our reforestation projects on the land.

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