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Mahncke Park Community Garden Groundbreaking

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Today, with the support of core founding members, we broke ground on what will be the future site of Mahncke Park Community Garden.

This space was conceptualized and designed by Jess Mayes & Graciela De Leon to include a community garden space with 20+ individual beds for family use, a communal gathering space beneath the lovely heritage Live Oak located in the center of the lot, and a mixed use food forest/ community microfarm area that utilizes swales to infiltrate stormwater runoff as a means of irrigation and mitigate the negative impacts runoff/ erosion.

We hope that this space will encourage community participation, interaction, and become an indispensable asset that adds value to an already amazing neighborhood.

We look forward to the future of this garden!

Thanks to all of those who came out to the unofficial groundbreaking.

Carl, Jess, and Lana Sue Mayes, Graciela De Leon, Ric Minks, Andrea Najemey and Paul Giolma.

Founding members (Please forgive me if I misspell any names) : Paul Giolma, Carl, Jess, and Lana Sue Mayes, Graciela De Leon, Ric Minks, Andrea Nejamey, Joyce & Dickie Felter, Bill Bassonet, Rick & Bill Minks, William Day, Connie Shipley, Judy Yaeger, Heather Haynes, John Gambuzza.

Also, a shout out to Michelle Gorham of Green Spaces Alliance for all of her advice and help getting this garden funded and off the ground.

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