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MPCG Hosts Kiddos from Lamar Elementary

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Today we hosted students from Lamar Elementary for a tour and on site learning opportunity at Mahncke Park Community Garden.

Ric Minks and I hosted 3 classes under the oak tree for a discussion about the importance of nature, food production, natural cycles, and of course, WORM POOP! Because a garden talk with kiddos is not complete until worms and worm poop are discussed, and disgusted it we did! :).

I attended Lamar as a kiddo, as did both of my parents, and I remember how much those memories of field trip day, and all of the cool people we met, came back to me so vividly later in life. It was an honor to share my experiences with kids that literally walk the exact same halls that I once did, looking for inspiration and a way to contextualize the world around us.

Get out there, plant seeds, grow food, and get your hands dirty! The best advice I can give. You will meet some amazing people when you create abundance, and the universe will compound that energy into more positivity.

We hope to host more classes soon! Join us.

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