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Vetiver Propagation Efforts: Spring Update

Updated: May 25, 2022

Our efforts to propagate and multiply as many Vetiver rhizomes as possible, continue this season.

Over the weekend we transplanted 350 individual rhizomes into the ground. These 350 started out as 140 individual plants just 2 months ago, from our initial 30 rhizomes received in June of 2021.

We will use this larger, in-ground space as a temporary nursery, with the goal of quadrupling our current stock by August 1st. This will be just in time for the peak of the rainy season, and a perfect time to plant the new rhizomes all around the Regenerative Agriculture Center.

Prior to this space being available, we were only able to grow our Vetiver in small polyethylene bags, which is not only a waste of materials, but a significantly less efficient way to multiply our stock of plants.

[Photo is a small section of the larger planting.]

We are currently working on installing the permanent water supply infrastructure at the Regenerative Agriculture Center. Once this infrastructure is in place, we will be able to significantly expand our propagation and production model. We believe in the power of Vetiver as a tool with endless potential to restore ecosystems, watersheds, agricultural lands, societies, and economies. We look forward to bringing its use to the Huasteca Potosina Region of Mexico.

A big thanks, as always to Jim Smyle, and The Vetiver Network International for their initial gift of these wonderful plants! Make sure to check out their website for all kinds of resources related to Vetiver.

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