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Sustainable Education, Development, and Peace for Indigenous Communities: Sedepac Huasteca

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Solomon Rodd in Xilitla San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Solomon is an extremely kind and generous person who has dedicated the last 2 decades of his life to working with idegenous communities in the Huasteca region of Mexico through the organization, Service Development and Peace Huasteca Potosina (Sedepac).

Sedepac is doing some truly amazing work by building on top of existing indiginous knowledge and skills, in combination with sustainable education initiatives and community autonomy.

Some of their projects and initiatives include: Sustainable agriculture, ecological latrines/ dry toilets, efficient cook stoves, ecological construction/ earthen construction, rainwater harvest systems and ferrocement cisterns, and much more!

They describe their mission and vision as:

“Service Development and Peace Huasteca Potosina (SEDEPAC) is a Mexican non-profit civil organization that believes that "Another World is Possible" and implements organizational initiatives of protagonism and popular education of a social, cultural, economic and environmental nature to achieve well-being, justice, gender equity and sustainability.

Through training and based on the Peasant to Peasant Popular Education methodology, they develop appropriate technology projects such as eco-construction, improved stoves, organic agriculture, dry toilets, ferrocement tanks with rainwater harvesting, and productive projects in the most vulnerable communities in the Huasteca Region, in order to offer alternatives that improve the quality of life of each of the families, promoting the sustainable development of the region.”

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What is particularly impressive about the work that Sedepac is doing, is the approach to community, identity, and autonomy. They help to empower individuals and communities by strengthening community organization, campesino to campesino relations, gender equity, human rights, and territorial defense, to name a few things.

Needless to say, the work being done here is necessary, meaningful, heartfelt, and of course, not easy! It takes community movement on so many levels to be able to keep this type of momentum going.

This is why Terra Advocati looks to support Sedepac and their initiatives in the Huasteca region. The work being done here is directly responsible for shaping a better world, supporting life, and creating abundance, and those are all things that we support!

We hope to grow our relationship with the good people of Sedepac over time, and support them in as many ways as possible. Hopefully we can organize some international volunteer support soon, but for today we are making a monetary contribution.

Sedepac is able to make the most out of even small contributions, for example, our contribution has the ability to:

-Provide 10 families with seeds for an organic vegetable garden

-Provide 10 families with a rainwater capture and filtration system

-Train 3 village technicians in ecosystems and climate change

We look to contribute more in the future, and encourage you to contribute directly through Global Giving, if possible. There are many initiatives that can be directly supported.

Check out some of the amazing work being done by visiting SEDEPAC’s website:

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