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The Vetiver Network International

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

A big thanks to Jim Smyle of The Vetiver Network International for personally providing us with a fresh, healthy stock of Vetiver plants for propagation and use in our land based restoration and erosion mitigation projects. We look forward to spending the next 2 years multiplying these amazing grass plants, in order to have enough to share between all of our collaborators and partners.

Vetiver is an amazing grass with more uses than we have time to discuss in this news update.

Some of Vetiver’s primary benefits are seen in:

-Erosion control

-Pollution mitigation

-Groundwater recharge

-Water treatment trains

-Slope and infrastructure stabilization

-Regenerative agriculture




We encourage anyone interested in any of the aforementioned areas to spend some time studying the amazing content made available to the public through The Vetiver Network International’s SUPER INFORMATIVE website. It is worth your time to explore all of the resources available at their website.

We are thrilled to work with this plant in various capacities, and are honored to have had the support of such an amazing restorationist in getting started with Vetiver.

I personally would like to acknowledge all of the decades of hard work, research, data, and scientific review that has gone into the resources that TVNI makes available to everyone, for a more sustainable future.

We will keep you posted on our progress!

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