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Vetiver Planting Advances at the Huasteca Regenerative Research Center

Planting of the fourth experimental row of vetiver grass is well underway and this paves the way for the start of data collection early next year at the Huasteca Regenerative Research Center (HRRC). In October and November, the first three of four vetiver rows were planted in support of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service grant undertaken with Terra Advocati and Texas State University.

Data collected will support research on the effectiveness of vetiver rows in reducing erosion and the agrochemical contamination of rivers in our region, and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico.

Participating in the 5 December planting session were (from left to right in the photo) Amanda Lewis, Steven Lewis, Sofia Lewis and Santos. Amanda is in the late stages of her doctoral program specializing in plant physiology at Texas A&M University. Steven Lewis is the HRRC director and Sofia Lewis has an MA in animal science from Texas A&M Kingsville.

Santos is an experienced agricultural worker and the first full-time employee at the center. This planting session underscores the international collaboration that is emblematic of the HRRC.

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